Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How do i know what is a weed and what is gonna be a flower?

i planted some wild flowers last year and now i'm not sure which are flowers and which are weeds. i have alot of bunches that look like they may be flowers but if they aren't then they are taking over the garden

How do i know what is a weed and what is gonna be a flower?
Experience is the best teacher. If you planted a package of flower seeds you will see several plants of the same kind coming up in the spot you planted them. They should look a like and all be about the same size.
Reply:weeds grow 3 times faster
Reply:Many weeds "flower" Personally I leave them alone.

I'd even cultivate them if I thought I could enjoy a yard blanket of dandelions.

Rev. Steven
Reply:weeds graw faster than other plants and flowers will often have a bud at the top where the flower head s going to be also the look of it like the leaves on the plant will give it away flower leaves are usually round and oval shaped with a point at the end the weeds mite have pointy leaves all the way around them good luck with the garden
Reply:the deffination of a weed is: a flower in the wrong place. wildflowers are what most people call weeds. just the start of 2nd growing season, give them time. you'll see other plants come up later.
Reply:Weeds grow alot faster. If you still arent sure leave them temporarily.

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