Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The best mix of flowers in a bouqet??

I'm making an unexpected trip to visit my girlfriend and while i'm gonna surprise her with one rose on her car at her workplace, i dont want to give her a whole bouquet of them when i see her. should i go for the wild flower mix or anything random from a florist? I am no the flower guy at all. I do the traditional thing all the time and i thought, why do it again. any ideas?

The best mix of flowers in a bouqet??
I think a single rose on her car is a nice touch.

I think a bouquet that is bright, fun and colourful would be good.....but ask the florist to make sure the flowers they put in the bouquet have a scent!!! Make sure the single rose has a scent too!! Most of the commercially grown flowers, roses included don't have a scent and guaranteed, the first thing people do with a bouquet is smell it!! It's such a disappointment when such beauty has no smell!

Also, most florists have books you can browse and pick a style from. Those books are very structured because they are used for sending interflora and each florist has to make them exactly like the picture. If you give the florist a price range, just tell them to be creative and do something really nice and fun for you and you'll get something much nicer than anything you see in the book! You could even get them to include one of those tiny plastic helium hearts that say "I love you" and include it in with the bouquet.
Reply:something summery. Go to www.proflowers.com or go to www.1800flowers.com and see the kinds of flowers they offer. Maybe you can get something made locally the same way but much cheaper...

Don't use cardations (if I'm even saying them right) My friends father gave his wife those for their annaversairy one year and those are funeral flowers! He still hears about that one!
Reply:The type of flowers depend on the age of the relationship and how intimate it is. Otherwise go mad, do the most funniest, out of whack, crazy thing you can think of. Then the type of flowers don't matter. And she will like you even more (or less ;-) ) Peace.
Reply:You sound like a scary stalker. If I found one rose unexpectedly on my car at my workplace (or left for me anywhere) I would freak out.

Maybe that's just me?

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