Monday, May 24, 2010

Growing wild dagga?

hi, im buying some wild dagga, or lion's tail, seeds off the internet and im wondering how i grow them. i live in virginia so im going to keep it inside at the winter, but some of my questions are like how much sunlight/water does it get and when can i take off the flowers and leaves without hurting the plant? any comments would appreciated

Growing wild dagga?
you should find what you need here....
Reply:Wild Dagga, dagga being an Afrikaans word for Cannabis but do not smoke it. Magnificent shrubs with orange flowers (mostly) or off-white. Grassland species and as such they do well in well drained to light clay soils in full sun - frost resistant. Very good for birds and butterflies. Under normal climatic conditions they need no maintenance or watering. Not familiar with your climatic set-up. When they look a bit droopy (wilted) you can water. Few types but Leonotis leonurus is most commonly used in landscaping. Shrub max height 2 - 3m (White or Orange)

Medicinal usage from asthma to hemorrhoids. I am familiar three types with L. leonurus, L dubla (forest leonotis), L. intermedia (broad leaf leonotis). Hope this helps a bit. Oh, and you can harvest flowers without harming the plant... these are tough fellows. Prune every season for best flowering.

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