Monday, May 24, 2010

What month would you rather be married in?

May: In a grass field with wild flowers all around


August: At the beach with white sand


December: On an cold evening, indoors with candles all around

What month would you rather be married in?
December. Evening, and candles? It's a no brainer for me! But I'm from AZ so December is not that cold at all.
Reply:May or August. If you have hayfever... go with August :) If you have a few older people that wouldn't appreciate sand and can't find a quiet, sheltered beach, go with May. I wanted a beach wedding, because I love the beach and I really wanted to be barefoot. However the beach we were to have it at was noisy from waves.. sometimes really windy, had no natural shelter and would be so hard to get the almost immobile grandparents down. So now i'm going for the garden and having photos taken at the beach.
Reply:May is always a nice month, but with the outdoors you can't guarantee that it won't be pouring!

August is usually hot, and the same thing goes for the beach, but it rains a lot less in August than in May. (Or at least in Texas where I live, August is hotter than he** and dry as the Sahara)

December is easy because alot of churches are already decorated, plus it's easy to coordinate a winter theme. The only problem is that when it gets close to the Holidays people get really busy plus money sometime gets tight after buying presents and food.
Reply:gee,they all sound gr8,the way u write them,especially the candles/december thing.but,my friend had a winter wedding not many people attended-it was one of the worst blizzards of the season,people were told not to drive if at all possible-so,december is a weather would be sad 2 have a wedding,and no one shows up!august is sticky,even at the beach.i will go with may-in fact,i was married may 20th,2006!!!!we had a beach reception in fact,and the weather was moderate and perfect.i am just glad i didnt marry my goth college boyfriend-it was to be halloween,at the local cemetary-what were we thinking?glad that fell thru !!!!
Reply:honestly i would recommend December, winter is a beautiful time to get married, and May and August are VERY busy when it comes to other weddings being scheduled it was hard for us to find a hall when we went through it, but i would most def. go with December :)

i think it would be beautiful with all the flowers around.

at the beach it is a big sandy mess (i did that).,

and december it is cold and if you live where the winters are bad, alot of people might not be able to attend due icy roads, or to much snow and you cant get out of the driveway.
Reply:All do it for me for the different reasons given above. But I`m getting married in July, with luch green foliage and flowers and the option of a beach of all worlds, and I don`t have to freeze my bumps off in a dress or snow.
Reply:I'm going to say December.

I only say this because in my church the entire place is filled with lighted christmas trees and poinsettias, so you won't have to decorate! You would just have to do plan the reception.

Save some money for the honeymoon.

I live in Florida %26amp; know those beach weddings are WINDY!! And sand manages to get in everything = not fun.

December also sounds really beautiful too.
Reply:Well I would say on the beach with white sand in August.

However I am being married in winter, in our garden surrounded by close friends and family. ha ha.

No white sand here and winter being cold, I am sure we will all freeze our butts off. Oh well.
Reply:Either September or December.
Reply:in december indoors with candles all around i just feel that's more formal and i love formal weddings. but i would definetely love the august beach wedding they are beautiful.
Reply:August or December

Reply:May or August, of those choices. But a wedding any time of the year can be nice!
Reply:May or August.

I hate it when people plan things around the holidays on top of everything else that is going on - - it is just an inconvenient time of year to plan things.
Reply:may or august but my wedding is in july.
Reply:august, but i would rather be married in october
Reply:I wanted may but my mother picked my wedding date which is this coming august.
Reply:May. August can get way too hot and sticky. December is too close to Christmas and my birthday. I want my anniversary to stand by itself
Reply:Def. in May- I LOVE Spring!!!!!!
Reply:august or may
Reply:There is NO good month to get married in. There is no good reason to get married....period!
Reply:Out of those choices I would pick May.

I would not want a beach wedding. My wedding is in August!
Reply:For your choices i would pick May or August ...for mine i picked June!
Reply:out of your choices i'd pick may or august. but for my own i picked july
Reply:Thay all sound great. You might have a better chance at finding a deal in December...but the hustle and bustle of Christmas may take away from your special day.

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