Thursday, May 20, 2010

Will my wild roses survive?

I was planting a lot of flowers today, and i found some wild roses by my drive way. They are pink (here is an article about them ) I took them out with there roots and planted them about an hour ago with manure around them and top soil and i watered them good. They look fine will they be ok? Also second question, one of them i pulled out and it only had 2 main roots the rest got pulled off and it looks ok, but i'm not sure if it is.

Will my wild roses survive?
Yeah, they're going to be fine. Roses are mysterious, but I promise they're resilient. The one with two main roots is probably going to die if the roots got pulled off. Plant it and see what happens, it might bounce back. If not, pop it out and get another one.
Reply:there is a good chance they will survive because they are wild. that makes them stronger than most. make sure you keep them moist until you see them start taking off
Reply:If its not looking wilted by now I think it will be Ok. I wouldnt have used manure on freshly planted roots though manure tends to burn.

Keep it well watered and good luck. If it starts to wilt , It has gone into shock. Cut the plant way down and it will come back

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