Thursday, May 20, 2010

What can I do to take care of this wild brown bird chick?

Theres a nest in a hanging flower pot on the porch of my house. There were 6 little eggs in it, and early this morning one of them hatched. Theres a tornado watch right now, and a heavy storm going on. I don't want anything to happen to the chick or the rest of the eggs during the storm, so i took the pot down. Tomorow, the chick will need to be fed, ( they are abandoned) but i don't know what little brown birds eat.... does anyone know how to take care of birds? and how do i keep the unborn ones from dying in there eggs, do i need a heat sorce? should i take them all inside?

What can I do to take care of this wild brown bird chick?
How do you know they are abandoned??? Have you watched the nest CONTINUALLY for more than an hour to see if the adults are tending to it? The chick had to have been incubated to the adults must be around. If you take the pot not move it to a different location...can you just sat it down where it was so the adults can find it? You will need to replace to back to where it was once the storm is over for the best chance of the adults finding the nest. If the adults have truly abandoned the nest, you need to get the chick to a wildlife rehab for it's best chance of survival. It is actually illegal for you to try and raise the chick on your own. I would guess these are House Finches as they often will build nests in hanging plants.
Reply:i know you were thinking you did the right thing, but you really should have left them where they were. you should see if there are any wildlife rescue agencies where you live tomorrow.
Reply:Make sure they stay pretty warm, so try to put a light bulb right by the eggs. Tomorrow, put the pot back up for a while to see if they mom will come back. If she does not, look on the internet for baby bird formula and food you can order or buy to feed them with an eyedropper.
Reply:Call your local wildlife rescue organization. They are specially trained and can advise you.

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