Thursday, May 20, 2010

What kind of tree is this (pics included)?

I planted wild flowers but this has grown from the soil along with them. I have no idea what it is. It looks like a young tree, it's about a foot and a half tall right now and producing berries which are green at first then turn purple. there are 3 total growing around the same place the others are smaller. do you have any idea what kind of tree/plant it is? Here are the links for pics of the berries it's producing and the leaves.

What kind of tree is this (pics included)?
Pretty sure that is a type of nightshade. We have deadly nightshade here, which is a weed, and that looks a little different. The flowers are star shaped purple and the heads turn down, then they get berries on them. The plant itself looks a lot like a tomato, which is also similar to your plant. I'd say a type of nightshade, though probably not deadly nightshade.

Just did some research and maybe it IS deadly nightshade after all. Check out this website....
Reply:It almost reminds me of pokeweed (poke salet :) but there aren't as many berries in the cluster you pictured....the berries DO look similar to gooseberries. Maybe someone else will know - good luck! :)
Reply:this looks like a form of the potato family and specifically Deadly Nightshade except Deadly Nightshade does not have groups containing more than one berry. Almost defiantly poisonous
Reply:Not sure, it could be a couple of things. Take your pictures to a plant nursery . There should be someone there who will know. Look up Plant Images on you browser.
Reply:I'm not entirely sure, but the berries look a little like gooseberries.

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