Monday, May 24, 2010

Attracting wild life to my windows...?

Im allergic to bees so I try to avoid them...however I have a cat who loves sitting in the window and in a few months I will be moving into an apartment with him...I was wondering how can I attract birds and bugs (hopefully not bees) near the windows for him to watch? There is no patio area and I cant put anything out in the yard however I can hang a bird feeder from the window and I can put a window box outside with flowers or something (please note...Im not good with plants, Id like to know flowers that are good for beginners only) any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Attracting wild life to my windows...?
I have seen little bird houses with suction cups that you stick to the outside of your windows... just put them up add a few peices of bread or seeds and the birds will come.. i'm sure you can buy them at home improvment stores..

hope this helps

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