Thursday, May 20, 2010

I just pulled up some wild irises out of my yard. I replanted them in a flower bed. Now they are yellowing.?

I have watered them every day and I have fertliized them. Now they look like they are yellowing and look like they might die. What do I do? Will they still live???

I just pulled up some wild irises out of my yard. I replanted them in a flower bed. Now they are yellowing.?
They might live but you should've waited for the fall to dig just the bulbs. When you move bulbs mark where they are while they are active then go back to dig out the bulbs.
Reply:Misty has the best advice so far but I do have to disagree with that much water. If they are in the open leave them alone it will be 2 or 3 years before they get flowers again. They will look a Little better next year.

They don,t kill very easy but if you do anything to them they won't bloom.
Reply:did you pull the out with soil? you might want to go buy some new ones and plan a funeral for the ones you killed.
Reply:If the base of the iris is not exposed to the sun--as in not covered with dirt, the tops will die, they may come back but they will not bloom.

Source--me old one that knows how to get iris to bloom. I had some in a tub in the barn for over a year, dumped them on the ground and walked away they were gorgeous without any new dirt just water when I watered the things around them.
Reply:Irises are wild and do not do that well in timid soil. Try finding a soil with a high pH level in order to keep them alive and growing. You can find the soil at Home Depot or Lowes
Reply:You probably didn't kill them, but the flowers will more than likely "die" for the year. By die I mean go dormant. You could have really put them into shock. (Yes plants can go into shock) You could have made them dormant for up to 3 years. You said they were wild so they have probably never moved from their previous location. I'd leave them where they are for now, but still tend to them and water them. If it turns out that they don't make it just leave them and hope they come up next year. I bet you they will come up withing the next year or two if you are willing to wait that long. They really are worth the wait. Good luck!

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