Monday, May 24, 2010

If you were a legendary old man with a green hat?

and were facing a very dufficult challege would you feel all crampy sweaty and a little satanic OR relieved and happy skipping through fields of wild flowers?

If you were a legendary old man with a green hat?
i don't think skipping would be a good idea at this point
Reply:for reals.. ? tell him to drink a tablespoon of olive oil in some warm water. then drink a beer or two, and have some coffee. and next time he goes to the store, tell him to buy some salad fixins , and actually eat them this time. not just use them for fridge decor.
Reply:Well, lets just say that he will be back and it is up to him whether he wants to take the route of satanic or the skipping through fields.
Reply:idk - never heard of a legendary man with a greeen hat, so don't know his legend or character. if it were me, i wouldn't feel either of your choices tho...
Reply:He's the one I saw skipping through the flowers, gathering feet, muttering about making sausage.
Reply:Sounds like I would be a leprechaun, so a little satanic skipping through a poppy field=p

Reply:I would feel all crampy sweaty and a little satanic but with a yellow hat not with a green hat*
Reply:i fi were him i would be satanic and sweat skipping through the fields, but if i were me i would be face down in the mud
Reply:what if it was an old man with a big red shoe? I think skipping through fields of flowers would be appropriate.
Reply:If I was him, I would be lying on the bathroom floor with a box of enemas.
Reply:How old is old?

is what I'm stuck at.
Reply:I think he's trying to clean his keyboard.
Reply:Funny... Buk is an old friend, I used to be Satan, and I just baited him with a sausage question. What a coincidence.
Reply:both if i was the great Buk
Reply:Not sure, BUT my name MIGHT be Buk.

Reply:I'd feel like pickin me up some of that blimey Irish Spring


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