Monday, May 24, 2010

My potted flowers are wilting?

okay well i never did have green thumb.. my hibicus plnats and trees are doing great but everything else is wilting.i have some a few wild varitys (shady ) by my door(in shade) and they are leggy and wilting i water in the morn,also my azleas on the lania are dying same my bouganvallies(sp? sorry) what iam doing HELP please lol

My potted flowers are wilting?
Okay, long explination coming. Depending on where you live, things need different conditions. Especially in pots. When night time temperatures stay about 65 degrees, cut back your plants. You don't have to go very far back, but regular cutting is healthy for most plants, ir forces new growth out from the cut spot and from the base of the plant. If your plants are potted, they may be pot bound, if so, you need to step them up into a bigger pot, or increase your watering consistantly. Here in Florida, Azaleas CANNOT take full sun and they need afternoon shade, again, that depends on where you live, again, they may be potbound. Bouganvilleas need full sun. They are called "High and Dry" plants. They normally grow in very high altitudes is quite dry soil. We grow bougies at our nursery and they get watered everyday in a 10" pot. They grow very fast and may very well be extremely potbound. Make sure all your pots have GOOD DRAINAGE and again, CHECK YOUR ROOT SYSTEMS! Plants generally need a bigger pot once a year. If you ever need any plant help feel free to contact me. Good luck and don't forget to fertilize, all pupose for most plants and acid-type for azaleas!
Reply:Don't water so much.. feed more.. get more light..

The choice of plants for shady areas can be tricky.. remember that plants need light to photosynthesize.

Consider re-potting and buy a good quality potting mix.. not the cheap wal-mart stuff! Plants need a pretty good sized container to do well in an average setting. They also need food.. Add some osmocote to the soil when you re-pot.
Reply:try watering well in the evenings instead of the morning
Reply:Could it be that your soil has to much drainage. Or not enough drainage. Or the flower root bound? Maybe move them to a different location, they might need more or less light. Good luck to you.
Reply:The azalea's and bougainvillea's need lots of sun. If they are in the shade they will not do well. I would suggest you put them in the ground, making sure to fertilize and water well.

One think I do is look up my specific plant on the Internet to get tips on their care. Many times it's just a matter of the correct fertilizer.
Reply:i feel your pain.... several of my potted plants are wilting on me too. i think i might of overwatered them, so i repotted several, but they are not responding. i'm terrible with plants.
Reply:My sister has the same problem. She just can't get it right. Too much water. Too little water. Water at night. Water in the morning.

Most of the time her problem is either the wrong size pot or the pot doesn't have drainage holes.

If the pot is small, it is hard for outdoor plants to maintain moisture. Try larger pots. Your plants will thank you.

Ensure your pots have drainage holes. Without them, the plants will die.

Another potential problem might be the soil. Add some peat moss into the mix to loosen the soil.

Continue watering in the mornings. It is the very best time for plants. Potted plants grow fungus easily and evening watering is a culprit.

After making a few changes, you should probably prune back the leggy limbs to encourage new, healthy growth. Good luck!!

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