Monday, May 24, 2010

Favorite Flower?

What is your favorite flower to receive?my b/f sends me wild flowers that are the prettiest!

Favorite Flower?
just to have a man give flowers is good enough.i normally get flowers when i have that i feel awful about myself blues
Reply:I personally love any color of tulip. The purple and the yellow ones catch my eye the most. The hot pink ones are dreamy too.
Reply:Star Gazer Lilies. Thats the most beautiful flower ever. I don't like to get roses, they are so common, unless they are different. Once I got lavender roses they were nice.
Reply:I'm partial to the purple tulip.
Reply:I love daisies.
Reply:white roses.
Reply:i love all color of Tulip
Reply:I like the lillies. I like to watch them open.

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