Thursday, May 20, 2010

Does anyone know what these flowers are?

They are pretty small, maybe the size of a quarter, each. Purple, but some get whiter toward the inside of the petals. This is the only one as well. There are not others like this anywhere in my yard.

They are all branching off of one stem and only the bottom teir has bloomed. These are growing in my yard in Colorado and I don't know if they are wild or if the previous owner planted them.

See photo here:

Any suggestions would be great!!!

Does anyone know what these flowers are?
Looks like a hybrid variety of "Agapanthus".. also known as a South African Lilly. There is many varieties and color combinations, but purple and blue are the most common. There are many hybrid and dwarf varieties in this flower.. Hope this answers your question..

... Billy Ray
Reply:Your very welcome. Glad to have helped!

...Billy Ray Report It

Reply:Definitely not a variety of agapanthus. Is this plant a bulb? Eg dies down each season and grows the whole plant again. If it does die down seasonally and has a small agapanthus type leaf it could be in the scilla family (check out scilla peruviana, but could be another type) or less likely a allium relative. good hunting
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Reply:IDK but you could take a picture and take it to the garden shop at Walmart, Target or Kmart. I bet they would know.
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Reply:it is african lily and my dad planted some a couple of yrs ago and you have to watch out they are actice growers and will take over everything . good luck and happy gardening .
Reply:Pretty flowers, do they smell nice too?

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