Monday, May 24, 2010

Chive like flowers?

i have clumps of grass that have tubular stems and are topped with blue spikey flowers. stems are chivelike and a dark green...anyone know for sure...they grow wild behind my garage...

Chive like flowers?
First of all, Chives is a tiny, little village in SW France. Please don't eat it.

BUT, YOU CAN eat those chives in your yard.

Pull the plant up, is it growing in clumps? Are there small, white, elongated bulbs at the end? Are the leaves like straws? Do they smell like chives? I like mine in a roux over potatoes.

Wash thoroughly, and enjoy!! Here is a link for photographs.
Reply:Smell it or taste it, it sounds like chives.
Reply:Wild onions.
Reply:take a bite of one..sounds like chives..which is an herb actually and tastes like onions..wash them what you ull off and can cook with them

i love the taste
Reply:Could be larope or society garlic. If you cut it and it smells musky, like a skunk, it's the latter.
Reply:chives have been known to grow wildly. Check to see if it is a small bulb and then pick some stems, wash, and taste, they are probably chives.
Reply:Any of the allums look like this. Wild onions.

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