Thursday, May 20, 2010

If you could be any flower in the world what would you be and why. I think I would be a violet growing wild.?

They seem so humble and beautiful. Close to the ground and shade. The rich soil seems to attact them.

If you could be any flower in the world what would you be and why. I think I would be a violet growing wild.?
i really like daisies cuz they r simple and really pretty to me and when i pick one to smell one,pollen gets on my nose.i would really love to be a daisy cuz i woul love butterflies toland on me and thats why!!
Reply:I would be a Hybiscus, because I grew up on an island, surrounded by the beautiful colors of that particular kind of flower.
Reply:i think that ill b a rose, its romantic and it flatters the girls. But rose are very attractive in a sense. Violet are not that bad 2.
Reply:Very hard to choose just one. I'd lean heavily to iris, they have so many beautiful colors and I think the shape of the blossom is very elegant.
Reply:I'll be the THORN of a rose !
Reply:can i be a bee?

if not, i'll be an orchid.
Reply:a beautiful red lilac.
Reply:I would be gay if I say I would be a flower.

This is only for chicks and fags
Reply:a budding white rose they have layers to pull back but so beautiful hidden in the layer a fragrance so sweet this rose describes me

just when you think it couldnt bloom anymore it unfolds a little more
Reply:Venus Fly-trap
Reply:If I could be absolutely ANY flower, I'd be a mix of two: a Venus fly trap and a lady slipper- a carnivorous vegetarian with a graceful and classic look!
Reply:I'm not sure a daffidill maybe because they grow tall and strong and thats how I hope I am.
Reply:White lily ...
Reply:i would have to say a ROSE,

because people stop to appreciate them,

they look at them for what they are,

when they touch them gently, not because of the thorns but because of how delicate the are.

they are used to show love to another

people of all ages like them

and my mother could grow them with ease when she was alive.

it did not matter kind they were, big or small she could grow them all. you could see my mother's love in all the roses.
Reply:Lotus. coz i always wannabe above all
Reply:i think it will be sunflower because it always face the sun.(and i think it meaning never give up).
Reply:Rose because they're beautiful and if you get too close they will hurt you.

(by the thorns).Also red is my favorite color.Yay 4 me!
Reply:A catus blossom bc/ they can endure the worst of it.

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