Thursday, May 20, 2010

When can I plant marigolds?

When is the best month to plant marigolds ?I planted wild flowers on Mothers day but with this heat....they're not looking so there is grass and weeds growing up into it so i was going to dig them up and spend the rest of the summer nourishing the ground and gradually removing all the vegetation.But i would like to have marigolds for the fall.I live in nc.So year round it's usually semi nice here.Fall and spring are our only healthy mediums between hot and cold.So anyone have any advice?When should I plant them?Should I start them inside now and then bring them out to the garden in the fall?

When can I plant marigolds?
Start them from seed 8 weeks before you plan to put them into the ground. Starting them in a shady spot outdoors now will give them a good boost of heat for germination and will make the normal spring hardening off stage unnecessary.

Plant them, mulch them and keep well-watered in the last half of September. Fertilize in early October.

Consider some perennial mums, scabiosa or daisy clara curtis for the future--they do well in heat and cold once established and will bloom faithfully at differing times over the year.
Reply:You can plant them now, but you need to keep them watered. They like the sunny weather so they should be fine in the heat.
Reply:plant them inside the green house while temp is too high.when the marigolds are large enough,they can withstand the heat outside,you my transfer them outside in full sun to develop bright yellow flowers!
Reply:not sure though

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