Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Do I plant my seeds before the rain?

I have a little patch of "lawn" that I have been trying to grow wild flowers, after a year of no success; i decided to till up the soil and start over. Im ready to throw the new seeds out, but the word is that it is suppose to rain in a few days and get "cold" (i say "cold" because i live in California,by the beach... cold means 60 degrees.. maybe down to 40 at night). Do I wait for the rain to pass, or will the rain help the seeds sprout?

my seeds are Stock, California poppies, and pansies

Do I plant my seeds before the rain?
If the area is not subject to severe runoff or ponding, I'd sow my seeds. Make sure you cover them with soil as per the directions on the package. I think pansies (violas) require darkness to germinate, so check the germination requirements for light, soil cover and water. My only concern with planting before a rain is that some seeds might wash away in a severe rainstorm. Good Luck.
Reply:I think you should plant the seeds but if it starts raining and your plants could get rain on them do not bother watering them but maybe but some fertelized on it but if it does not rain that much water your plants and make sure if its sunny they get some sun because they need the sun and some water to grow

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