Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Will a wild rose bloom?

I have a large wild rose bush growing on my propety and it seems to have a lot of blooms but know one can rember ever seeing any flowers on it. I think it was just hiden by all the weeds,?I do know that some types of flowering plants and shrubs will not bloom if they are wild.

Will a wild rose bloom?
Yes! In fact, wild roses are the hardiest roses you can find, resistant to sub zero climates and harsh winter conditions. I have countless wild roses, they're so lovely.

It should bloom beautifully. Make it happy by trimming away surrounding foliage to let it get as much sun as possible. Dead head spent blooms as they fade. In the fall prune it down a bit to encourage new growth in the spring!

Happy garden!
Reply:It should bloom if exposed to some sunlight. We lived on an old farm and we discovered roses at the edge of the woods (that we discovered by bush-hogging) The trees were so full of old climbing roses, that we used to put on gloves and take clippers and fill bowls and vases for weeks, in the spring and fall! (in Texas)
Reply:yes,it should bloom. wild roses are beautiful.

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