Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How can you keep wild deer out of your backyard, besides sitting in the dark with a 12 gauge?

My MIL lives in a suburb that borders a wooded area, she does not feed them,thus they jump her fence and eat out of her garden and now are starting to eat foilage and flowers out of her back yard, guns are out of the question, she lives in and around $500,000. homes.

How can you keep wild deer out of your backyard, besides sitting in the dark with a 12 gauge?
There are certain plants that you can grow that ward off certain types of animals. I would consult a plant book or talk to someone at a local greenhouse.
Reply:MAKE A FIRE! Doesn't have to be a monstrous fire either...make one in a chimnere, those little fire holders, and the smell should keep them away as ITS SMELLS DANGER to ye ole pesky deer x x x
Reply:Human pee works really good.

My husband and I had no problem with using our urine around our garden when we lived in Oklahoma.

That's why deer hunters carry something disposable to relieve themselves to avoid the scent of human waste while hunting.
Reply:She can always move to the city...wink wink:o)
Reply:You can set up a motion detector hooked up to a noise making device, the more irritating the better!

I hope this helps!
Reply:Spray a mixture of 50 parts water and 1 part tobasco sauce on the shrubs and flowers. There are commercial sprays available but this is all they are.

Other than that. learn to live with them. Her home is next to the woods, and her property WAS woods before it was bulldozed down. The deer were there first.

Predator scents (including human) only work for a short time. The deer soon learn the predator isn't around. Also dogs and other noisemakers are a temporary solution. They soon get used to each other. I've also seen deer graze to within a couple of feet of the end of the dog's chain. Suburban deer are used to pets, humans, cars, etc. You're not going to scare them away. After awhile, many can be handfed. You have to make the food undesirable to them.
Reply:save urine and pour around perimeter every couple of days, especially in rainy conditions. you can also go to your local barber or hair salon and get DIRTY cut hair and sprinkle around the perimeter. deer will not come around if they smell fresh human scent - the dirtier the better!

Good luck!
Reply:There is only ONE thing that still works to keep the rodents with hooves away from your property.

This is no joke:

Spread Human Urine

around the property every two weeks.

They can smell it, get scared and flee, or move on to the next property.

I di not believe this but have friends in CT who have used this technique for years with 100% success.

And from a well-known scientific study, here's this quote with the link below:

"Large game animals, such as deer, bear and elk, have a well-developed sense of smell. They use the sense of smell to detect possible danger, which they associate with unfamiliar or unusual odors. These animals will avoid entering an area if they preceive danger from an odor, such as human urine."
Reply:My family uses mountain lion pee that they buy at a nursery. You can buy different kinds of predator pees, but the mountain lion one works great.

If people say to use human hair, ignore them. Deer aren't that stupid.
Reply:Hi Texas, I noticed that you have a fence already so this will be easy.

I used to hunt near a orchard and noticed one year they put up stuff on there fence all most tarp looking, we asked what they were doing with them. The owner said to keep the deer out, he says it works great they wont jump it anymore, he says that if they cant see threw to the other side they wont jump it. I know tarps are not nice to look at but you may try something a little easier on your eyes, but not theres. Anyway just remember it doesnt matter color etc, just block and sight threw your fence and problem solved!
Reply:You need a really tall chainlink fence. That is the only 100% effective way.

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