Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Help I need to find earned income tax credit for a dependent spouse?

Howddee! I need info about the EITC. I am disabled and my husband has supported me and continues to now. I read in Readers Digest that you may be able to get a tax credit for a dependent spouse or parent. Is this a fact ? What are the specifics? I know about the 1040A , there is no clause for a dependent spouse. Please help if you know how to break on through to the other side (yeah) of the what to do ? Thank you in advance for any ideas on how to KEEP OUR HARD EARNED MONEY most out of uncle sams deep pockets ect. ANY HELP will be most apprechated. Always your ,Tx. Wild Flower

Help I need to find earned income tax credit for a dependent spouse?
you'll need to file a form 2441, you can find forms at irs.gov if you do your taxes yourself, or just mention your situation to your tax professional
Reply:Since you are disabled, he can claim you as a dependent, but it is a different form than the 1040A. when he files taxes at the end of the year, make sure that he tells his CPA so he/she can file the right paperwork and get you back more money.
Reply:The earned income credit is typically for dependent children. You have to meet certain criteria. There is a tax break for other dependents as yourself. If you are itemizing you can list expenses for home-care, medical, etc... The best thing to do is contact someone like H.R. Block or any other CPA and tell them your circumstances. They are trained to help find every possible tax break for you that they can. hope this helps.
Reply:EITC is only given if you have dependent children and make less than $34,000 or if you have no dependents and make less than $11,000. there are also age guidelines. you can only get EITC if you are between the ages of 24 - 65, I believe. go to irs.gov and read up on EITC rules.The three main factors are age, income and minor dependents on your return
Reply:He can get credit if you have no earned income coming in and he paid for the basics all year (housing, food, etc).

I highly recommend going to a VITA or VRPP site (FREE tax preparation place sponsored by the IRS). Go to irs.gov to find the closest location to you!

Check out the EITC assistant on that page :)

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