Saturday, November 19, 2011

What kind of flowers would you like to reveice from your significant other?

i prefer sunflowers or wild flowers.. roses are kind of typiical

What kind of flowers would you like to reveice from your significant other?
i like colorful flowers, daisies are always nice because they come in vibrant colors, but roses, ehhh, not a huge fan. i honestly dont like get flowers though because theyre boring and die in a week so its a waste of money. but i do like the idea of buying your significant other a rose bush and planting it instead of buying her the roses, that way she can always have the roses!
Reply:i like roses, they are romantic. but my favorites are gerbera daisies. also tulips are nice.
Reply:Sunflowers are my favorite :3
Reply:Sunflowers or daisies cuz they are my favorite flowers. I dont like roses they are so cliche and i dont think they are pretty or smell good at all.
Reply:I know I am a buzz kill but I don't like flowers they are what you bring to a funeral when someone dies.
Reply:I'm a guy so I'd prefer not to receive any, but as faras flowers, i do my research. One of the first dates I always like to go on, weather permitting is a walk through a metro-garden or flower park. Pay special attention to the flowers she stops to look at, and at some point near the end of the walk, ask which flowers she liked best and then the topic of her favorite flower comes up quite easily. From the dating experience I have, carnations, and tulips seem to be very popular with girls today.
Reply:Blue Roses! My favourite.
Reply:any thing but roses... all lame cheesbal guys buy roses!

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