Saturday, November 19, 2011

What kind of flowers are these?

a friend said they kinda looked like primrose,, but I am not sure what they are,, we had planted a big bag of wild flower seeds a couple of years agao and this was all that came up these flowers they seem to stive in full sun and not much watering either,, at first they look like just old weeds but later they come out with these real pretty blooms

does anyone know what kind they are

What kind of flowers are these?
From the picture they look like wild roses. Do they smell like roses and have thorns?

(edit) not sure if what I call "wild roses" might be actually primrose though.
Reply:nope, they are evening primrose........ cultivar looks like 'showy pink' Report It

Reply:Here in the South, we call them buttercups. (when you smell them, it leaves yellow on your nose) Don't know the proper name, though. Report It

Reply:They Are Primroses!!
Reply:In Texas we call them "Buttercups" they grow every where!!!!
Reply:Hi, there not primrose,I think it's a vinca. I planted them out front, tomorrow I'll go look on the tag for you. It's to dark outside now. Bye
Reply:They are evening primrose.

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