Saturday, November 19, 2011

POLL:Cut flowers or wild flowers....?

Which do you prefer...?

my neighbour gave me some nice ones as a thankyou but they don't seem as pretty as some I picked myself recently.

POLL:Cut flowers or wild flowers....?
I just like to see flowers growing ... and is anything more beautiful than a wild flower meadow? The variety and seeming fragility of the flowers to be found there is amazing. What is also wonderful about wild flowers is that they often grow in the most unlikely places - industrial estates, slag heaps, etc. Cut flowers, grown commercially, look almost brash in comparison, any scent having been sacrificed in the process of attaining new colour variations. I think I'd rather be given some seeds so that I can look forward to seeing something growing, rather than be given a bouquet of cut flowers and watch them dying.
Reply:Hey - someone actually agrees with me about something ... and I've got it in writing too. Yippee! Thanks!

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Reply:Wild flowers!
Reply:I prefer wild flowers to suit my nature.
Reply:both, it really depends.... if my hubby is actually being nice and buys me some, then i love the cut flowers..

but other days when i walk my daughter and we pick flowers from the neighbors garden and my daughter is smiling then those are my favorite...[ the old lady down the street has a garden where every few weeks something new and different is blooming, so its always really fun to walk past and dee the diff colors]]]]
Reply:Cut flowers.
Reply:Wild Flowers
Reply:I like to see flowers growing in the wild
Reply:Nothing like the smell of fresh cut flowers,Im gonna spray some glade now,,AAAAAA,
Reply:I prefer tame ones
Reply:A large bunch of cut flowers from my husband.

Wild flowers picked by my kids.
Reply:cut flowers, i think wild flowers should stay that way, wild
Reply:Wild Flowers........they are always soooooo fragrant and most of them are pretty........Lilacs are my favorite..........

P%26amp;S-ERS RULE!

Reply:Really prefer the fresh for the smell but the dried are nice cause they last so long!*
Reply:Wild flowers are nice. I have a lilac bush and I pick them when they are in bloom. They are very lovely.
Reply:cut flowers definitly

wild flowers ... they aint exactly nice most of them

not unless it was a rose in the clean white snow!

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