Saturday, November 19, 2011

Do you prefer roses or wild flowers?

Wild flowers!

roses are ok and romantic and all, but there are some really awesome wild ones out there ;)

Do you prefer roses or wild flowers?
Roses for me.
Reply:I prefer roses over wildflowers.
Reply:wild flowers
Reply:I love tiger lilys.
Reply:Roses, they smell so sweet and I love how the petal feel silky
Reply:wild flowers!!! roses are so commercialized!
Reply:It depends on the person. Usually, I like roses, but if they went to the time and trouble to go and pick me a boquet of wild flowers, then I would prefer that.
Reply:wild flowers mixed with roses...
Reply:I have a special place in my heart for roses. Memories of my mom and how she would take care of her roses. Sentimental.
Reply:Roses they say class all the way around!!! and love too.
Reply:a barbequed steak
Reply:wild flowers.
Reply:Wild flowers. Roses have lost any uniqueness they might have had and they don't even smell good.
Reply:wild flowers
Reply:Wild Flowers
Reply:Oh gimme wild flowers anyday! So varied, and colorful and WILD! Just what I like! When will you be sending them? I wanna be sure to be here when they come!
Reply:wild flora
Reply:Roses....especially the black ones
Reply:I have some rose bushes in my yard. One is white and the other is pink tipped in yellow. I have some cut roses in a vase and they are blush roses. I love wild flowers just as much. I have some places staked out in the woods where I can find all kinds of delicate wild flowers. I am pretty much a flower lover, I have at least 100 different kinds in my yards.
Reply:Wild Flowers
Reply:I belong among the wildflowers.....
Reply:wildflowers they have more personality than the hothouse roses you can find today
Reply:i prefer wild flowers...
Reply:Wild Flowers:)
Reply:I like to give roses and watch wildflowers.

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