Saturday, November 19, 2011

How do you catch a wild haggis one keeps eating my flowers.?

a wild haggis keeps eating my prize roses how do i catch one

How do you catch a wild haggis one keeps eating my flowers.?
use ur bagpipes to lure it away into another land.
Reply:depends on what breed of haggis it is if its the short legged one u should be able to catch it or put a big glass of whisky down the wee buggers cant resist it then wait till its half pissed then u have got it
Reply:Depends on which breed of haggis it is.But if i was you i would go for a haggis trap as this is the humane way .just bait it with some mashed tatties and turnip.But be careful when you free it,as the wee buggers have very sharp teeth and short tempers.
Reply:Very easily some andy stewart music ....leave out a glass of whisky every 5 mins or so...and then blast out the chorus to Auld Lang Syne ..the haggis will then be impelled to sing along and shake your hand...and you've got 'im
Reply:as everyone knows, a wild haggis is actually a breed of supra-aquatic fish. i suggest a net.
Reply:u will not catch it it`s too smart for u!!!
Reply:Put out a new Kilt. When it finds it it will put it on. Then it will get the wind up and leave your flowers alone.
Reply:Threaten it with a large turnip, and a large dram of malt whisky. that should scare them away
Reply:Are you sure it's a "wild" haggis? The wild ones predominately only eat "wild" things like berries, raw roots, unfinished fence-posts, unruly schoolboys and immature Old Firm supporters.

Since "wild" haggis are rarely to be seen around built-up areas, it is highly unlikely that the species you suspect is actually of the untamed variety. Check with any local zoo or pet store in your area and see if any of their haggii are missing or, alternatively, ask at your local police station whether or not someone's Christmas somehow got loose and is running around the neighbourhood.
Reply:I don't know how you catch one but I know how you scare one.

Shout we're having haggis if there are no roses left in the garden!
Reply:Put honey round the roses - it'll get stuck and you can take a piccie and send it to National Geographic!
Reply:u need to go to mcebay and get ur self an antihaggis trap its a humane trap the haggis will be alive when ya catch it then stick it in the frying pan and boil some neeps n tatties just in time for hogmany happy new year
Reply:Haggis love bubbles so blow a few in the haggis direction. This will hypnotise it and it will just stare into space. Then hit it over the head with a frying pan.
Reply:it obviously doesnt like your family tartan. get a new one. then it will run off and eat your rival's prize roses, therefore crowning you queen of the roses at the village fete.
Reply:use the chocha

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