Saturday, November 19, 2011

Does anyone know what these flowers are?????

i have some flowers growing in my yard. i cant figure out what they are and no one i know seems to know. dont know if its a weed or wild flowers. they are bell shaped, brightly colored yellow/orange bottom and red tips, pretty! i cant find it on the web..


Does anyone know what these flowers are?????
My friend the master gardener say that is Jewel Weed also called Touch Me Not. It is a wild herb that is wonderful for treating poison ivy. Be careful though, it usually grows near poison ivy. Convenient huh the plant that hurts you is near the plant to cure it. You steep the leaves, like for tea, and then put the tea on the poison ivy. You can also squeeze the juice from the stems and put it on the poison ivy. It works better than anything sold in the store.
Reply:I've had them in my back yard I'm pretty sure they are weeds. Best to tell is not to water it, weeds will survive and as we know flowers won't
Reply:Very pretty. It is a spotted jewelweed. It is a wildflower. Also called touch-me-not.

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